Mexico Reloaded

After the 2006 adventure in Mexico City and Guadalajara for the convention TNT11, here I am, once again invited to Mexico City as a special guest for a special edition of TNT GT (soon Giorgia Turbo), during which the Mexican pre-selection for the World Cosplay Summit 2007 will be held, along with other internationally known cosplayers like Yaya Han and Adella.

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Mira Danielito!!!

  • Together with the faithful Roberto we leave from Verona airport with flight AF 5377.
    I'm playing on my home ground and thanks to the many people I know, I manage to get an authorization, allowing us a convenient overweight, signed, it might come handy when we come back to Italy.
    And it did came handy also because of some unexpected heavy gifts...
    The arrival at Charles de Gaulle is smooth, and we will have to wait there for a couple of hours for the next flight; wandering the airport we are able to notice how the prices here are nothing less than legalized theft, and how the airport buildings are dreary and crumbling.
    € 2.80 for a cappuccino seems nothing less than a theft!
    After a quick tour that confirms the unreasonable lack of a Starbucks, we get ourselves comfortable on some couches, waiting for the call for boarding.
    The second flight (11 hours) is, after all, smooth too.
    It's just a pity we have two very bad seat that can stay only in the upright position because they are pushed against the toilet wall... hell!!!!!!
    I start practicing my Spanish by watching Step Up, a normal teenager dance [...]

  • movie, that would have been available in Italy the following week, the wonderful Toy Story and The Queen.
    But I watched the latter one in Italian.
    After just a couple of challenges to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? the English version of the TV quiz introduced in Italy by Jerry Scotti, and a couple of Mah Jong games we arrive at our destination.

    After going through the checkpoint, we find our old friends waiting for us: Paula-Marmota, Cutie Mario and my lovvvvve Daniel, unbreakable and unique bodyguard, driver and factotum.
    Short bracket.
    Nine months ago, when I first went to Mexico, Daniel and I played a little joke on an hypothetical night of love we had had, and Fake Omega Seamaster Watches before I left, I told him that I would have named our son Danielito.
    After the greetings, I pull out of my bag a terrible puppet, worth 3 euro, and I shout with joy:

    “Mira Danielito esto es tu padre, tu es el fructo de nuestra noche d'amor, mira tu nino Daniel tienes tu mismo pelo!”

    We all laughed like we were crazy, and since then [...]
  • Danielito Pedro Mario Ramon Rodriguez Vecchini has been the joke of the vacation!
    After arriving at the hotel (a wonderful luxury 4 star, just a walk away from downtown, Starbucks and the convention) and after the check in in the lobby, we go downstairs for the evening for which we will go to a typical restaurant with the organization of the TNT (Mr. Ottavio and Pepe among the others) and the other guests who are already here (Yaya, Kyle, Kageyama Hironobi and the staff from TV Aichi).
    We stay there until late at night, taking embarrassing pictures, listening to mariachi and watching Roberto and Kyle having a tequila bum bum challenge!
    Tired like never before, we reach for our beds after a nice jacuzzi.

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Estoy aqui por la sandia!!!

  • The following day, after quite a bad night during which I couldn't sleep much, Adella (who some people say is my American counterpart as for nature, personality, habit and carelessness!) arrives too.
    Adella, despite what one could expect, is far away from the pure and quiet image one gets looking at her pictures of Aerith, the character who made her famous; the truth is she is a, erupting vulcan, a talker and really easygoing.
    Sure, if only I had understood half of what she said using her Texan slang it would have been better, her fast talking was too much even for Robbberto.
    We spent the day quietly having a walk in downtown, having launch in a Nippo-Mexican restaurant and a snack in a wonderful ice-cream booth, waiting for the evening event that would have seen us and all the other guests of the convention in the conference center where we had been the previous year.
    Yaya and I wore the costumes of Pandora and Athena, while Adella became a nice Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
    Like the previous year, I practiced together with my sister a speech in Spanish, which you can find below, welcomed by the audience with applause and [...]

  • approvals, I'm very proud of it!
    After that we posed for the usual photo session and pr, signing a lot of autographs.

    Buenos dias a todo el mundo.
    Soy verdaderamente feliz de estàr de nuevo aquì en Mexico en ocasiòn de la ediciòn de la TNT Gt.
    Entonces gracias a todo el equipo de la convention y sobre todo a Paula (marmota), Mario, Daniel,y el senor Octavio.
    Espero que os recordèis de mi y de mis trajes y que los que irè a vestir este ano os guster.
    No me acuerdo cuantos fotos he hecho el ano pasado durante la TNT once juntos a vosotros pero ha sido muy divertido y esta vuelta tenemos que bisar!
    El ano pasado ha sido una experiencia maravillosa y he tenido la oportunidad de conocer en persona la realidad del cosplay en Mexico y de muchos cosplayers mexicanos.
    Pero la verdad es que no veìa la hora de volver para beber de nuevo vuestra sandia.
    Soy drogada de sandìa, no puedo mas vivìr sin ella.
    Un poquito menos me ha gustado el guacamole, aùn tengo pesadillas por la noche!
    A parte las bromas estoy de verdad [...]
  • honorada de haber sido invitada en ocasiòn
    de las seleciones mexicanes del WCS 2007 ( dos mila y siete)y pienso en que los ganadores podràn representar en la mejor manera
    esto paìs muy hermoso.
    Deseo entonces a los representantes de hacerse honor,de Fake Rolex Submariner divertirse y de vivir llenamente esta semana de sueno en Japon,como yo la he vivida!
    Buenas suerte a todos los partecipantes y no solo !que viva Mexico!, pero
    tambien "esta es 106.5..mucho ritmo!!!!"

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La senora de la lluvia

  • Transfer to Teotihuacan for the visit to the pyramid of the Sun and of the Moon and to the one we missed the previous year due to the bad weather.
    The pyramid of Quetzalcoatl
    During the transfer we had a brainstorming about Lost and other cult series with Yaya and Fira, who joined us from Guadalajara, while Robbe and I had our usual sandia, good as never before.
    When we got on the site, the weather started slowly to change, showing menacing clouds, and it was clear to everybody that two times out of two couldn't be anything else but my fault, so I have been officially named senora de la lluvia (mistress of rain).
    Between a walk and another we made the usual bargains with the sellers of the place, while I put my hands on some very good and fake sunglasses of different Replica Rolex Milgauss shapes and colors that were sold for the cheap price of 3 euro each.
    I realize only now that my undies could be seen or that my pants were too low, you choose, what an evil genius I am, sorry.
    We had launch-dinner, yes, because this time we didn't have anything until [...]

  • after 17:00, in another typical restaurant near the site, that was the background for some very good scene, especially by the Japanese of TV Aichi who expressed their best during this vacation, like you can see from the pictures.
    Among the things worth noticing I'll choose the mixed grilled meat ordered by Robbberto, ultragood, the bottle of Zup that caused me a tear of commotion, the half bottle of water that someone dropped on my pants after a rollercoaster fall, the Japanese manager of Kageyama Hironobu who ate an ultra hot pepper, just because he had been challenged to do so, and started to pour tears shamelessly, drinking countless bottles of beer.

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Como se dice excelente en italiano?

  • First day of TNT GT!
    I wake up early, just in time to be caught by Mr.Ottavio for the grand opening of the convention, complete with the cut of the ribbon, like you can see from the pictures.
    Before I got changed I met some "old" friends with whom I had some nice chat, first of all the wonderful Gigi-chan, my sister site, who made the costume of Cure Black just for this meeting (gracias, te quiero!!!).
    The new place where this edition of the TNT is held gives the convention a real scenic boost, but the exposition area is clearly smaller; Mario would later explain us that since the Japanese delegates are here for the WCS pre-selections, controls on pirate materials have become strict, leading to a drop in the number of exhibitors.
    I finally come to meet, after a long exchange of mails, also Tony Almazzo, the wrestler who hold me in his arms, designated interpret for the cosplayers.
    The afternoon slides away among autographs, conference held by the three of us, interviews for TV channels and the same.
    It's still not clear to me how I ended in becoming the

  • href="">Fake IWC Jubilee Watches sidekick for Gabriel "Mr.Burns" Chavez's show, I only know that at some point I found myself asking embarrassing questions in Spanish about the Simpson and launching to the audience gadget autographed by the voice talent ^_^.

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Soy demasiado ambition!

  • Second day of TNT GT and first cosplay contest (not for the WCS contestants).
    Here I come again, wearing my Pandora costume, coupling with Yaya - Athena (followed by Misa from Death Note) while Adella was Fllay Allster from Gundam Seed.
    As usual, watching an high level contest like this is always really satisfying, performances can be seen from a perfect point of view and there's a team always ready to give us a form for each contestant where we have to put our mark.
    And now a funny note.
    The voting form reported the initials of the three of us in the following order : GAY... that is Giorgia, Adela, Yaya XD
    My absolute favorite was DuffMan, a man, a legend!!!!
    I manage to meet again almost everybody!
    Grettel, Richie, April, Marisol, Paty, Alina, Alin, Inglaterra and many others ^_^
    After the convention, we should have got ready for the night event, an outdoor party, quite a good after hour.
    But, like often, I suspect thanks to my aquatic presence, a strong and sudden shower changed our plans towards a typical tavern that couldn't be more typical, where we unleashed all of our primitive [...]

  • instincts.
    Roberto phagocytized meat and potatoes, along with loads of alcohol, followed closely by Kyle and Adella, drunk to her bones after less than one hour - she would have spent the night puking while hugging her room's water -, while the rest of us, "a little" happy, danced without any sort of inhibition.
    I think the Japanese never showed these pictures at home.
    Or maybe they boast with the rest of the staff of Breitling Avenger Replica TV Aichi who fight to come next year >:O
    I would draw your attention towards Kageyama Hironobu sporting the Ambition sticker, he's the one!

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WCS Final Stage... Vuelta vuelta vuelta!!!

Last day of TNT GT
As you know, the Mexican representative in Japan will be the Cartier Rotonde de Replica cute couple made by Super Sailor Moon and the evil Galaxia, black version, who won the contest thanks to an effective performance depicting the final confrontation between the two, in Japanese and supported by special effects that the TV Aichi staff liked much.
Sunday was also the day of my conference; I would say that my answer in a mix of English and Spanish hit the spot: everybody was laughing ^_^
I wish to thank Ramon and Raul for the precious logistic support, not to mention all the boys and girls who gave me real beautiful presents, thanks much, I really appreciated that.
After all not everyone can come back home with a clock-saucepan depicting slices of watermelon!!!!
For the first time I wore the costume of Sailor Lead Crow (known in Italy as Sailor Vulcania), and I think the result was pretty satisfying, Giorgia with an orange wig... terrible XD
I will think of something better for the gallery!

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Vamos a la Kiss Lounge

  • The last one before we had to leave to go back home was a really busy day (Adella had to leave early in the morning because of study issues).
    We spent the late morning and the early afternoon visiting the archaeological site of Tula (instead of the butterflies park ;_;), that is not far away from the capital.
    Anyway, the bad weather was merciless, and thanks to a sudden and rough drop of the temperature (as you see we wear winter jackets) I opened the doors to a bad cold + fever that would have not left me until a week after my return home. What a luck.
    We get the chance for the last shopping run, while the local vegetation suggests some nice pictures...
    We miss the launch because in the late afternoon we go straight to "La Escondida".
    It is a well known restaurant located among the mountains, from which the name "hidden place", where a breathtaking sight, with nice and unusual spots can be seen.
    All the bosses of the TNT are waiting for us there.
    It is the goodbye dinner, offered to all the guests of the convention; at the end of the evening we even received a commemorating plate and a typical (and [...]

  • heavy ) present.
    It's not over.
    The famous Kiss Lounge a bar that is also a museum dedicated to the Kiss group is just a walk away.
    All kind of incredible rarities and memorabilia can be found there - just watch the pictures to believe.
    It is the most important tribute place in the world, where thousands of Rolex Watches Replica visitors from everywhere stops each year.
    So, tongues out and (original) boots in hands we start rampaging shouting metal, metal!!!!

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AF5382... annulle

  • After the previous hard night, Yaya and I are the only one who, at an unspecified time around midday, are so brave to go down. The expressions on our faces tell much about our health conditions.
    I already had the flue, but just a little, Roberto and Kyle both collapsed in the bed, I suppose together :O... tze weak men!
    After saying goodbye to my friend Victor, while Mario takes Yaya to a museum we had already visited the previous year, Paula and Daniel take me to a market in downtown.
    A market so big it would take 4 days to visit it all.
    Colors, smells, tastes... if only I had been in full health I would have tasted those pepper flavor ice cream... dammit!
    But the most surprising were the booth selling eyes.
    Yes, they were selling eyes of any shape and size, for any possible kind of doll and plush.
    Try to imagine the showcase... that's it... shivers.
    After having accomplished the sombrero mission for my uncle Ugo, we go back to our base.
    I start to feel really bad.
    The idea of a 13 our flight in these conditions is frightening, I can tell you.
    Roberto feels a little better, after his [...]

  • good rest, but he can count better days too: the sudden drop in temperature struck us hard.
    During the transfer to the airport to catch flight AF0439 leaving at 20:50, I get stuffed with thaumaturgic medicines, but my temperature is 39 and there it stays ;_;
    We say goodbye to the rest of the bunch and mostly to Mario and Paula for the nice present they gave us... a "bodegas" T-shirt with Marmota and Beautiful Jo on it!!!!
    We board for the flight home, sadly discovering that we have the same seats of the first flight *_*... anger and rage!!!!!!! Shit, no!!!!!!!!
    If this had not been enough, when we land in Paris our jaws stay wide open like we were paralyzed reading the announce shining over the boarding desk: AF5382 ore 15.45 ANNULLE.

    That's it, the complain of the grounded passengers are useless, we just get a crap sandwich coupon to shut our mouth and we are assigned to another flight three hours later...
    When I land in Verona I hardly refrain from kissing the ground like the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica Pope, but I collapse on the back seat of the car.
    I would have regained my complete will only a few days after ^_^

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