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18 shots by Demis Albertacci [ @ Parco Giardino Sigurta' ]


another gallery: 4 shots by Daniele Faccioli [ @ Parco Giardino Sigurta' ]

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What About & Making Of

Flora is the Nature fairy of the famous Italian animated series Winx Club.
Among the Winx she is the one I have always liked the most, and since a group was going to be organised, I immediately booked her.
And this turned out to be a particularly fitting choice as I got the opportunity to know, dressed like this, none other than the author Iginio Straffi, who called me to collaborate on a lot of Winx-related projects as the official Flora. It was really COOL!
The dress, indeed not very complicated, it is in satin with lamè trimmings. Also the gloves are in satin, while the boots, in the same colour, were originally thigh-high, so it was necessary to cut and to arrange them.