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What About & Making Of

From the series Mermaid Melody here is the purple pearl princess, aka Karen (or Caren if you prefer).

Like others, I also decided for this costume to participate to a group. My first pick was actually Rina, the green mermaid, much closer to my physical appearance, but she had been already chosen, so - since my favourite colour is purple - I opted in the second place for Karen.

Despite its apparent plainness this was a costume awfully expensive, if only to get the microphone of the original series from Japan and the curly wig.

The sheath dress is white stretch lycra, the lilac trimmings embossed and curled up on the rim and forearm are made out of lamé fabric stuffed with the same foam used to fill cushions. In the same way it is made the big detachable bow on the back.

Frills, glove decorations and shoes are made with a two-tone lilac and purple satin. To make them stiff and shaped they have in the inside a very thin iron wire adjustable at pleasure when worn. I have made the bracelets at the wrists and ankles by buying beads and other decorations at an haberdashery, along with the charming crystal shells on the hair and on the forearm. Finally, the transformation pendant necklace with the earrings, made in cernit, they were purchased on e-bay.