from:Saint Seiya

10 shots by Demis Albertacci


another gallery: 6 shots by Sandro Sebastiani

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What About & Making Of

This version of Pandora is the one that appears, beautifully illustrated, on the Sacred Saga artbook of Saint Seiya.

I preferred this one to the original because it is more scenic and less hieratic. I was very impressed by the nuances of colour purple/black that I tried to reproduce as closely as possible with something like 12 metres of organza overlay. To cut the fabric was truly a nightmare *_*

I ventured for the first time in creating the tooth shaped jewels placed on the feet and on the main necklace, obtaining an overall good result, I think,  while the tiny star "yours ever," is a little jewel I am very proud of.

As usual, the magnificent wooden trident is handmade by my father, while the snake, that winds around the stick and my hands, is a cute 70's vintage belt bought on Ebay along with the fibreglass goat that decorates the collar.