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17 shots by Daniele Faccioli


another gallery: 6 shots by Nicola Scarmagnani

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What About & Making Of

On the occasion of the convention Cartoomics 2006 it was decided with other cosplayers to organize a group of all-female fighters from various video games.

So I chose a character that I had in mind for ages, for the fun of it and also because Mai Shiranui is a true classic for every female cosplayer and I could not miss the opportunity to add this costume to my atelier : besides, it became one of my favourite costumes. I have thoroughly studied the various figures  try to understand how to make it possible to cover the ass with two strips in a two-tone silk satin, in a way that they did not move when walking, and in particular I researched on how to make the two balls out of some light material not too flimsy. The result was this: with a couple of press studs the strips are secured to the red panties and the two balls are giant, empty plastic balls, painted and pierced with a mini circular saw.

The mini kimono is in silk satin as well as the covers for the feet and the hands, while the cord around the shoulders is a white padded lycra.

Although it looks like my hair the long, coppery brown tail of Mai is an extension.