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What About & Making Of

Alcyone is the powerful sorceress, fantasy-style warrior of the series Magic Knight Rayearth by CLAMP. Her costume is elaborate but with an of incredible visual impact.

But let’s proceed by steps.

As usual the boots are very normal boots skilfully covered with dark red lamé, which is actually the fabric I chose for the entire costume, primarily because it is shiny, and then because in this way the outfit looks more like the one drawn in the original illustrations, while the anime version appears made in shiny burgundy leather – that I did not find anyway -. 

The gems embedded on the armour and on the sceptre are of three different kinds.

Those with a mirror surface are Christmas balls, split and pierced at the two sides with an hot needle to sew them on the desired parts. The gems at the sides of the spaulders come from the Cospa Shop, while the largest gems are transparent plastic balls painted with acrylic lilac colour from the inside and them assembled together.

By the way, the spaulders, that are the stiff part of the armour, they are actually pieces of a foam gym mat, covered with fabric.

Also for the color of the coat the vexed question was solved in favor of the pale lilac of the illustrations instead if the white of the anime, so to remain consistent with the rest of the choices.

This costume is undergoing a complete redesign, of which I hope to show you soon the photos.