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What About & Making Of

The double-faced and  ruthless Baron Ashura, lieutenant of Dr. Hell in the well-known saga of the most famous robot of all time, Mazinger, has always been one of the evil characters that influenced my childhood imagination, and apparently not only mine.
I found this two-sided character very disturbing in his behaviour and duplicity, especially his voice that sounded both male and female. Nowadays, I still think he is quite creepy!
The costume of this legendary bad guy is actually quite simple, a two-tone satin tunic with a hood. The collar is made of cardboard covered with black PVC with red circles of the same material. The sceptre of Rhodes was carved out of wood with a painted ball glued in place. The secret of its success lies primarily in the facial, also strictly split down the middle; It has been severely tested but the results are very satisfactory, I daresay. Moreover, while dressed in this costume I had the pleasure of shaking hands with Sensei and creator Go Nagai, definitely a cosplay highlight.