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What About & Making Of

Tsukasa Hojo's sexy kitty, who has made every boy fall in love the first time "Cat's Eyes" aired, is finally live!
Beautiful Hitomi, inspector Toshio's shy betrothed during the day and charming member of a trio of thieves at night, with her beauty and daring certainly doesn't leave one indifferent.
The wrapping lycra suit is elastic and shiny and clings perfectly to the body like a second skin and shows off generous forms on a sexy and agile body. Hitomi possesses a gaze that captures your heart and soft straight dark hair always ruffled by wind.
How can you not fall for this provocative Kitty?
The costume itself didn't give me many problems basically being gymnastics overalls in 80s style... but one great doubt remains on how Hitomi and her sisters managed to perform such stunts with high heals (but then again Sailor Moon...) and to throw razor-sharp calling cards- by the way, where did they keep them??
I hope I was able to reproduce this character perfectly, alone and in group
And remember... another hit's been done!