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What About & Making Of

Noa (in original Non) is the rival witch of Meg, the main character of the self-titled series broadcast in Italy in the early 80's.
I chose this character several years ago, mainly to form a group with other cosplayer friends, but also because, as fan of the majokko genre, I wanted to play another character in this strand and Noa, with her features and physique, fitted me pretty well.
This is a relatively simple costume and, as such, it was necessary to pay attention to the details to keep from making it looking sloppy.
The dress and cape are purple silk satin. I used a supracolor white on my face and hands, applying translucent powder to fix it.
The long blue wig with bangs was combed to make the lovelocks at the sides of the cheeks, then I applied two slightly wavy extensions to the bottom to finish the hair, like in the drawings/ The magical medallion is actually the support of the original Japanese model: simply perfect!