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What About & Making Of

Like many of you, I grew up following the athletic exploits of Kozue and You Hazuki (from Attack You!): so, when I had to present an event with a costume featuring a sports subject I chose this as it was both easy and recognizable.
It was 2004 and this costume was blessed with a lot of luck.
The original costume from this shoot was completely rebuilt from scratch for the occasion/set: or, rather, the shorts were redone, as the bow (which is actually glued to a clip) so that it can no longer unfasten, while the shirt is "official" and a kind gift of my Japanese fans.
It seems strange that such a simple costume was quite successful in Japan, so much so that I was asked to wear it for television programs several times.
As I understand it, Kozue is of symbol among the Japanese animated women.
During my latest trip to Japan I also purchased the appropriate extension tail and bangs and, not even sure how I did it, hid my hair under the cape and I got exactly the effect I wanted.
I also tested lens that magnify the iris to more closely resemble the character who has two windows for eyes ^ _ ^ ... and, as a finishing touch, we organized the shoot at a sports arena.
Tornado drop!