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What About & Making Of

After the impressive response to the classic outfit, I decided again to dress the part of Sailor Pluto in its ultimate version: the eternal version.
I am particularly pleased with the success of this costume.
Body and gloves are, as usual, in elastic white lycra, shiny and thick, the best and most feasible/realistic material to create the bodysuits of the sailors, the black skirt as well as the sailor suit are in silk satin, while the puffy sleeves (hardened with crinoline) and the petticoat are made with a really amazing impalpable gray fabric with silver glitters embedded in it.
The two ribbons on her chest and back, detachable, are in satin and silver metallic lamè.
I found by pure chance the black/gray central star in glazed glass at Colours & Beauty, while the little star of the v-shaped choker is a Swarovski crystal, like those of earrings and tiara.
I'm evaluating the possibility to organise another photo session, adding to the costume a couple of small wings shown in some illustrations.