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What About & Making Of

Wonder Woman is the most popular costume in the American fandom.
Even if the choice of dressing the part of the beautiful amazon was at first because I had to present a cosplay event with a friend in the shoes of Hulk, with time I grew very fond of it, also in result of the unexpected US popularity Wonder Woman achieved.
My first version of Wonder Woman dates back to 2004 but since then all the costume has been completely redone from scratch, with fabrics and finishes more appropriate.
The fabric used is always metallic stretch lamè, blue, red, gold and silver: it seems made on purpose for the costumes of the old style superheroes! The stars are applied on the shorts with the same technique used for the flowers of Kasumi, I now call it this way, meaning drawing, cropping, and then hot pressing the drawings on the fabric after bonding them on the apt paper.
For those who ask me how I made the boots, I honestly answer: I bought them on Ebay, where you can find them already made, and if you look carefully you will also find the tiara, "princess-size" or "queen size".