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What About & Making Of

This costume was giant personal challenge for me, which was amply rewarded, in every sense, and this was the first time that I realized a cosplay totally on my own, without external aids.
I had in mind for ages to test myself with this masterpiece, despite the original costume of the movie was substantially the result of works in Computer Graphic, and when I was selected for the WCS I could not miss the opportunity to really work on it.
First things first!
The claws are made with chips of foam latex, painted and shaped properly and then glued with hot glue on the shoes and the stretchy arm covers. The paws are filled  with foam and sewn by hand one by one.
The bodysuit is a simple white strapless bodysuit on which small feathers were glued, along with the long ostrich feathers to reproduce the tail on the back. The tiny necklace, a charming detail, is made entirely of rhinestones and feathers.
And now, the most important component, the winged hat, huge and superb, as the wingspan is actually about three meters.
To obtain such a structure I designed first on paper the full size of the model I wanted to achieve.
The basic structure, tripartite, is made entirely in light wire, braided and shaped like a cap around my head.
Then I covered the frame in very light foam (half a centimetre thick) abounding especially in the inner part of the cap where it sits on the head, the foam was then coated in white lining to prevent seeing through the feathers glued directly on it (as foam tends to yellow over time).
Then I divided all the feathers (of American turkey ) in length and direction (left and right) and I pasted them one by one from the top with hot glue.
I employed here little tricks to obtain a more natural effect in shaping everything, and to support the entire weight of the structure (around 8 kg) to avoid it falling forward or backward.
The result of winning the WCS Best Individual Cosplayer amply repaid me of the efforts.