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What About & Making Of

For the first time I ventured to cosplay a character from a U.S. cartoon, to match a fellow cosplayer in the shoes of the leading character She-ra.
When I was a child I often preferred to watch the adventures of He-Man rather than those of her sister, but for Catra it was love at first sight. I might have a particular feeling with feline women, as I now possess several costumes in this fashion ^_^.
The dress is completely made out of red PVC with inserts in a darker tone of metallic Lycra to create the same shadings of the cartoon. The boots were bought on Ebay and then modified. As for the cloak, I was lucky enough to find an heavy stretch double face purple/black satin, with a very shiny lustre, which allowed me to solve the problem of the double colour without sewing together two separate pieces of fabric.