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What About & Making Of

My visceral passion for anime of the 80's leads me to experience many different heroines from series of those times: at Luccacomics on 2004 it was the turn of Chizuru Nanbara (renamed Maggie in Italy),the only girl among the group of five pilots of the robotic series Combattler V, Vultus 5's twin).
She is character forgotten by most, but still alive in the collective imagination of those who have lived and breathed robots during their childhood, and she is very well remembered in Japan.
As it happened for most of my older costumes, also this one has undergone a vast restyling through the years: the new wig, the boots and gloves in yellow pvc, the new PVC belt with a gem in the centre by Cospa Shop (very similar to the one of the anime) and a brand new "V" in yellow PVC on the red leather dress.
The helmet was made by my friend Robbberto in papier-mache for the character of Aoi Hyoma, the male protagonist of the series, and kindly lent for the shooting.