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What About & Making Of

I had spotted ages ago the white version of Kasumi that I favored over the classic blue outfit, not only because of the very look of the dress, but also because she often let her hair down, and for those cherry petals on the kimono I particularly liked.
Unfortunately, I lost my interest to do it as this version began to be particularly overused by cosplayers... until a new adaptation showed up with Dead or Alive 4, and this one, in an elegant black and gold colour, appeared to meet my needs.
Unusual yet very recognizable, with a strong impact and more stylish than the classic one: it was love at first sight.
To realize of the base of the kimono, in black silk, it was not particularly difficult, at first the hems of dress, gloves and shin guards were made of gold bias tape, but with the time and using the costume it worn out, so we had to rebuilt it from scratch with golden fabric sewn on the hems.
The strength of this costume are for sure the flower-pattern decoration on both sides, and the large Japanese ideogram on the back.
To obtain the same decoration I did this way.
I started drawing separately everything on tissue paper, including the kanji.
Then I placed these drawings on the golden fabric, cut with painstaking precision.
Subsequently I applied from behind fusible paper, pressing it with iron to harden the fabric and make it easy to crop, before finally removing the film.
Once obtained all the different decorations, I placed everything on the costume applying a heated iron for 30 seconds, till to get the result you see.