from:The Star of the Seine

18 shots by Daniele Faccioli


What About & Making Of

The Star of the Seine, an heroine of the 80's I have particularly loved, could not be missed in my atelier. This is for sure a costume often seen at the comic conventions, but as often roughly made: I tried to avoid falling into banality, refining it in the best possible way both in terms of materials and in attention to details.
The bodysuit which sleeves are curly at the hems is in silk lycra fabric. The big full circle cloak, almost 6 meters large, is in black and red satin, and in the breeze it flutters nicely with a stunning effect.
The mask and the feather that locks the cloak are in burgundy leather on a Plexiglas base; the hat, well shaped, is in the same fabric of the bodysuit and it has inside a stiff cap to make it as realistic as possible.