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What About & Making Of

Sailor Pluto is the sailor warrior that I have always found the most fascinating, not only for her beauty, but also for the mystery that surrounds her arcane duty: to guard the time.
I chose this version because the outer senshi, since the very beginning, have a slightly modified costume compared to the five original protagonists, and each one has her own weapon.
The fabric used for bodysuit and gloves is white lycra, while sailorsuit and skirt is black iridescent satin.
The gloves are stuffed with foam for pillows to secure the puffy effect, and the same material is used for the hem of the bodysuit, at which the skirt was sewn afterwards.
A particular for the bows (both detachable) provided that, in my humble opinion, if made this way  they are closest to the idea that the author wanted to give.
I also added the silver chain with the crystal pendants and the keys that are found only in the manga illustrations, so to give completeness to the character.
This is the costume on which I worked more often through the years, not only because it has eventually become my smash hit that they keep requesting me, especially at the conventions abroad, but also because with the time I found more fitting accessories: and so the new tiara is from a U.S. Internet shop, the new earrings are from Japan, the central red gem is from a Cospa Shop and the wig, in a particular green colour that I adore, is from a Chinese shop.
For the superb time key my dad surpassed himself: it is made completely out of wood except for the Granat orb with a detachable heart.